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Stuck? Need a little help to get going?

I'm passionate about helping people think, envision, and take action to reach a new goal. I am a Life Coach focused on Personal Development Coaching. Also as a trained Grief Coach




We all have a story. In fact, we are made up of stories. And we have more coming...


I can help you create your best one.

You CAN get to that goal.

Why hire Jen?

• I am an NYU-trained, ICF certified coach with over 250 hours of one-on-one and group coaching experience.

• As an ICF-certified coach, I abide by a worldwide code of ethics, professional conduct, and educational training so you can be confident in whom you are hiring to work with you.

• I am here for YOU. My only focus & concern is helping you get to where you want to be.

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What exactly is


A coach co-develops with you a forward-focused, positive strategy to execute a new path toward a planned goal, using an evidence-based, organized process. 


Professional athlete have coaches, and so could you

What a coach is not...


A therapist is a licensed practitioner that will look backward into the past to help identify an issue or problem to work on.

Jennifer Quasha Deinard

"As a coach, Jen changed my life. She is very special."


Missy M, Greenwich, CT

"After meeting Jen, I immediately knew I would enjoy working with her. She is professional, smart and has a lovely calm demeanor. In a short time, Jen helped me get “unstuck”. With her help, I am moving towards the goals I was hoping to achieve."

Lisa F, Scarsdale, NY

"Hi lady!  I just wanted to let you know, I passed the certification test I told you I wanted to take last year. It’s done. I did it. Cross it off the list! Also, I’m working part-time. So excited. Also, I’m paying my last college loan payment next week! I just wanted to thank you for giving me a kick in the @ss when I needed it. You’re the best!" 


Bonnie C, Norwalk CT




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