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I am an NYU-trained, ICF-accredited professional coach with a specialty working with people ready to make transformational change. I started Jot Coaching because I love helping people make positive changes in their lives.

Before becoming a Life Coach, I had my own freelance writing and editing business, Jot & Tittle, for 20 years and published over 40 non-fiction titles, edited hundreds of titles for children and adults for DK Publishing, and co-authored four titles for Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing. I have had over 25 personal essays published in Chicken Soup titles. I still love to write.

Jennifer Quasha Deinard, ACC

B.S. in Communication from Boston University

NYU-SPS Coaching Diploma

ICF Certification

I'm also a mom and wife; an only daughter and seven-time Godmother. I'm the CEO of Family Deinard. I am a dog lover and I love to travel. My roots have been planted in the same town for over 30 years, but I love nothing more than exploring the world and spending time with people - both old friends and new.


I believe in love, grace, and mercy, and I strive for gratitude at every moment (and fail). I love words, reading, and crosswords. And my favorite thing in the world to do is laugh until I cry. 

"A better question might be, what problem would i NOT come to Jen to solve?"
Katherine E
Greenwich CT
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