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What's your Bandwidth?

45. That's when it happened. I realized that I had to nap. Maybe it was only closing my eyes for 10-20 minutes in the afternoon, but if I didn't shut my eyes and cover my ears, and take what my family now refers to as a "brain break," I wasn't going to make it to dinner.

My bandwidth for what I could accomplish in a day had diminished.

Was I getting older. Sure. Was that a bad thing? Not really.

But it made me realize I had to cull my daily to-dos. I took a hard look at what was filling my days and I made cuts. People magazine OUT. Three-minute meditation IN. One Kings Lane daily search OUT. House Beautiful IN.

Was this easy, and was it fun? No. But I did it, made peace with it, and moved into the next stage. It's not how much you do, it's how much joy you find in the journey. Sure I used to do two more things every day, but I still enjoy...

Do you need help culling your life or activities so that they fit in the bandwidth that you have today?

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