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(Don't) Show Me the Love

(Don't) Show Me the Love!

Good/Bad news: WE ARE WHAT WE THINK Is that a good thing? Well, it depends on the thought. When we are TRIGGERED by something, like the above visual cue, a THOUGHT comes into our head. That thought creates in us a FEELING. That feeling, or emotion, then causes us to ACT (or not act) in a certain way. How we act will have a CONSEQUENCE. This is called the Behavior Chain.

Trigger > Thought > Feeling > Behavior > Consequence Let's take Valentine's Day "Cosmo Quiz" using the Behavior Chain to explore the idea. FYI I'm playing too. (You'll find my answers below.) 1.) When you saw the above photo (TRIGGER), what was your first THOUGHT?________________ 2.) Was was the FEELING you had positive or negative? ______ 3.) What ACTION did you take after seeing it? (Delete my email? :)_____________ 4.) What will the CONSEQUENCE be for you? Does it make you want to go buy chocolate, or celebrate Valentine's Day? ______ 5.) After thinking this through, will you do anything with the knowledge? __________ This annual holiday, in all likelihood, sets off a Behavior Chain in every American. If you want to enact change in your life, examine your Behavior Chain! Have a Happy Valentine's Day (or not)! Jen My Behavior Chain (Triggered by Stop & Shop display) 1.) Thought: "I hate Valentine's Day." (why? when it mattered I didn't have a Valentine) 2.) Feeling: annoyed (I am allergic to chocolate and can't eat it without getting a migraine, and I hate Valentine's Day) 3.) Action: not support the holiday consumerism 4.) Consequence: the realization that I have an issue with Valentine's Day 5.) I will wait for the holiday to be over! P.S. What were your answers? (I'd LOVE to know :)

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