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What's the Priority?

Santa's got a list and he's checking it twice. The rest of us have three lists and we're checking them twice... an hour. Yes, lists are all important, but what's on your list, is even more so. I have a daily list, a weekly list, and a three-month or "seasonal" list. It keeps me on track and out of trouble (usually). But, what goes on the list requires much more thought. Time is our most valuable resource, so where and how do we want to spend it? What is on our lists is what we are prioritizing. What do you prioritize? A priority of mine in 2019 has been to increase my "attitude of gratitude." The actions I took started with the goal, required amended to-do lists, and included action steps to move the needle forward. Although I still have a way to go, the attention I have put toward my desire has paid off. Which leads me to mention: I am very grateful for you, dear reader! DELIGHT is one of my favorite words, so, at the end of 2019, my hope is that you can delight in this season and consider what you want to prioritize 2020! Jen * A Quick Assessment: If you suddenly found yourself with a completely free day, how would you fill it? Likely, what you answer is what you are missing from your life right now. What can you change to get more of it?

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