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Forgive? Me?

Does Not Forgiving get in your way?

Last month in my writing workshop we were discussing forgiveness. "It was like a light switch," a woman recalled, about when she was finally able to forgive. One moment she was stuck in anger. The next moment she was free. She explained that she had wanted to forgive for a long time, and she was trying to forgive, and then, she forgave. *SNAP* Like that. It felt endless, but it wasn't. It was just like that for me, too. I started with a "smaller forgive" of a family member, and then I went bigger; I was able to forgive a person who almost took my life. Yes, forgiveness is hard and often feels impossible, but I promise it's not. First, reframe your thinking. A wise man once said: "Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison yourself and hoping the other guy dies." Not forgiving hurts you. Second, consider these three things about forgiveness: • The act of trying to forgive feels endless, but it won't be. • Start with a small forgive--then go bigger. • Once you taste the freedom of forgiving, it becomes much easier. Can you Forgive? I believe you can.

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