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Rumble With The Bumble

Rumble with the Bumble

A lot is made of "our stories." Our big story—our life. Our small stories—the little tales within our every day. Why? We humans love a good story. It’s how history has been passed down, how we help our kids fall asleep, and why we watch what we do—it’s all about the narrative. So what about our narratives? How much control do we have over our story? How much energy do we exert over our story—or how much do we let happen? In what area or areas are we diving into? Or, in other words, what we are happy or unhappy with? And what story are we looking for? Does “happy” matter, or is it “joy” we are really looking for? Or do we put our head down and soldier on? Are we “called” or do we “make the call”? After learning I was a life coach, a dear friend of mine in her late seventies said, “When I was your age, we didn’t have life coaches. We just bumbled along.” I love her comment. Do we bumble? Yes, we do. Always? No, sometimes we want to chart the course. Sometimes we want to change the story. Sometimes it helps to have someone working with you. What’s your story? Is it time to Rumble with the Bumble?

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