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Target: "A Life Worth Living"

A Bullseye Focus on "A Life Worth Living"

I just finished a course on DBT (Dialectic Behavior Therapy) skills. If you haven't heard of DBT, google it—I promise, someone you know needs to know it exists. DBT was created by psychologist Martha Linehan to help people in deep despair, but after learning the skills I’d argue it’s for all of us. The premise of the "dialectic” is to fully accept where you are today and to fully accept there’s a need for change. Although it may sound contradictory, it's in that "thought space" (my words) where a person can face personal growth and change--big or small--and create what Linehan calls "a life worth living.” And, who doesn’t want to create a life worth living? A few days after I finished the course, and was pondering my own life worth living, I heard the acronym VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) used to describe life today--the very same time I am (we all are) trying to create a life worth living... It ain't easy! So, in this “vucan” era, where and when we are being asked to evolve, change, learn and unlearn at a rapid pace and are overwhelmed with possibilities and options, take a bullseye look at what is it that makes your life worth living? Take time to think about it!

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