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The Need for Speed

Do you ignore some speed limit signs? I've been looking at the same speed limit signs for more than thirty years, and sometimes I get tired of them. And since I live in the town where I learned how to drive, the only time I really notice the speed limit is if someone in front of me is going too slowly. Which usually means they are following the speed limit. For example, on a 25 mph road, how fast do you drive? Faster than 25 mph? Me too. Ever go 20 mph? Me neither. I thought about Why I do this? Here are a few excuses I've come up with: • because somewhere deep down I believe speed limits were meant for icy and rainy conditions • because I'm late/because I want to be early • because I just want to get there • because I want to beat Waze • but mostly it's because I can (well, unless there's a cop) I realize this isn't good. So a few years ago I tried to not drive over the posted speed limit for a whole day. I lasted one hour. One hour. And that was a struggle. Why? Why was I rushing? Where was I going so fast? What I figured out was: the farther above the speed limit I was driving, the more stressed out I felt in general. Which makes sense since I was rushing. But often I was rushing to nowhere. Stressed out and going... nowhere important. Stressed out and speeding... because it was the normal state of affairs. I recognized that my car speed and my internal speed are linked. They were an indication of my personal state of affairs. Knowing this I can use speed limit signs in a whole new way. Knowing this, I have really slowed down. So, my thought challenge for you this month is: 1. The next time you pass a speed limit sign, check your car's speed: above or below? 2. Then check your own mental and emotional speed: above or below "calm and content"? Then, let me know: How fast are you going? Too fast? Let me know if you want to slow down. I can help with that.

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