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“Eventually, all of us will be called upon to do the thing that cannot be done.” Sometimes a line of text sears your soul. For me, one of the blessings of summer reading is that when it happens, you can raise your eyes from the page to nature’s glory---to magnify or rescue or reassure what’s happening inside you. Somehow, the beauty of the written word and the beauty of nature calibrate to make the moment even more profound. The one that got me recently comes from the second half of Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book City of Girls. It simultaneously stole my breath and made my heart ache. And I thought about it for days. Why? The longer we live the more times we humans are “called upon to do the thing that cannot be done.” Perhaps this quote affected me so much because it is why I became a coach. To help a person do the thing that cannot be done. To move forward through a process, with support, to get to a place where a thing that cannot be done... becomes done. A powerful question that a coach can use when a person is stuck is:

“Have you faced a similar situation before and found success?”

Very often a person has, or it opens up a new thought process, and a sliver of hope appears. So, this summer, if/when you are facing "the thing that cannot (or even can) be done" I encourage you to think upon your past experiences and find those places of success. You are fully capable to do what cannot be done. If you doubt it, look to your neighbor—for sure he or she is also facing a thing that cannot be done. And then after that, pick up a good book!

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