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All Systems Go!

As you know, coaches--athletic and otherwise--work with people to reach a goal or goals. It's important to have a goal. But what's behind the goal/s are equally important: the systems & habits. Good systems & habits will make the goals reality. For example, if, like me... • you wanted AC this summer, you made sure your HVAC system was working • you hoped to maintain a certain weight despite all the ice cream, you needed an updated system of eating & exercising • you don't want your kid's clothes to disappear... well, you try labeling them. What I am getting at is behind every goal or result, whether it be simple or complex, is a system. (And how you think can even be a system.) For many of us, mid-August tends to be a time of transition--from summer into fall, from vacation into real life, from one school year into the next. As you ramp up, give thought to the system behind your goals--whether they be big or small.

What system do you have that needs freshening up? (I always have many.) And, if you are struggling to do it yourself... give me a call. I would love to work with you!

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